Security watermark papers you can preferably get from us, the ones with the UV watermark, bright and fluorescent in one.

Essentially, there are three types of security features in anti-counterfeiting copy protection papers:
Hidden security features: in addition to the classic almost invisible UV – printing, of course, the UV watermarking technology developed by us is the non plus ultra in anti-counterfeiting of testimonials, deeds, certificates, documents and all papers worthy of protection. This double effect, bright and fluorescent in one, of this UV watermark enjoys the unique selling point on the market. They could be „counterfeited“ only at the point of origin, however, leads to the ad absurdum. These are explicitly anti-counterfeiting copy protection papers at their finest.
Tactile security features: classic single to multi-level relief embossing, blind embossing (high / low / 3D). The great thing is that blind embossing, for example, can be produced in one operation with the watermark under certain conditions. This uniqueness, on the one hand the cost saving and on the other hand this special technical design, you get exclusively with us.
Visible security features: in the main these are hologram effects. Due to the variety of foils, hologram embossing offers an enormous field of design possibilities. Foil stamping, hot foil stamping or hologram stamping cannot be copied under any circumstances. Together with the UV watermark, potential counterfeiters are powerless. Of course, the UV watermarks created by us can be made visible. Namely, the watermark becomes visible by fluorescence under the black light and with the one the same watermark becomes bright in the back light.

Forgery-proof copy protection papers by means of UV watermarks and much more you get everything from one source, from the house DBD Druck Bernd Derrant.

Your partner, if your original papers should be protected against unauthorized copying and counterfeiting.

That is why the UV watermark was developed after years of research to a level that makes counterfeiting or copying in the same form impossible.

We are happy to advise you, you are welcome and together we will find the optimal solution in the demand for anti-counterfeiting copy protection papers.

watermark paper price – normal bright back light, paper white  see you  watermark paper price list



security-watermark-paper – normal bright back light, paper red



security-watermark-paper – normal bright back light, paper green



security-watermark-paper – normal bright back light, paper yellow



security-watermark-paper – normal bright back light, paper blue



security-watermark-paper – normal bright back light, paper white

                                                                     unique worldwide

security-watermark-paper – uv fluorescent under black light, paper white



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