Security paper as copy protection paper

“ Security paper as copy protection“ is offered on the Internet

and promised that when copying a document template on the copy , for example, the word COPY will always appear on the sheet . That this always and everywhere works is simply wrong .

  1. This does not work when copies are made by high-resolution copiers, as is the case, for example, with color laser copiers, in which the document to be copied is scanned by a laser beam; (almost every copy shop has such a eg HP Color Laser …, Konica Lasercopier…uva color laser copier).

Certain words, such as COPY, are printed using a specific raster technique that has long been known among printers and potential forgers. This technology is just „old hat“ and can therefore easily be imitated or faked.

  1. The further assertion that a simple watermark additionally printed by him can neither be imitated nor copied is just as wrong. Potential counterfeiters and some printers can now copy these normal watermarks. Everyone knows today that a photocopier cannot copy these watermarks.

Conclusion: only the UV watermarks produced by DBD Druck Bernd Derrant deserve the designation counterfeit-proof copy protection paper – why?

Because the UV watermarks we create have several properties combined into one security feature:

  1. Watermark light translucent and
  2. fluorescent under black light,
  3. in addition to natural papers, coated and/or colored papers can also be used.

There is another way to top the security level by providing the security papers with sequential fluorescent UV numbering .

“Copy protection paper” means “ protection against unauthorized copying”

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… from the ORIGINAL -> COPY is not an automatic copy protection paper!
On the net are offered and promised that when copying an original on the copy always appears eg the word COPY on the sheet. That this always and everywhere works is simply wrong, incorrect and misleading. This does not work when copies are made by high-resolution copiers, as is the case with color copiers, for example, where the document to be copied is scanned by a laser beam.  If it can be proven that full copy protection cannot be granted, one speaks of fraud with intent. It is in no way a copy protection paper that can be relied upon to always work.

                                here our 100 % copy protection


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