Your own Paper with watermark, a highlight from Druck Bernd Derrant.

Discover the watermark on a letterhead, look at it more closely whether the authenticity.

Paper with watermark:

the texture of our watermarks are always brightly translucent in the base when backlit.

For an optimally generated counterfeit protection, we can additionally supplement the bright watermark with a special UV fluorescence. With this fluorescent and at the same time bright effect, you achieve the unique possibility of always being able to provide proof of authenticity day and night.

No other security feature offers you this security against counterfeiting.
The use of our normal bright watermarks is perfectly suited to enhance the image of your business papers. These simple light watermarks can be imitated or forged relatively easily nowadays. Only with the use of our newly developed combination DUO – HELL + UV watermark technology you will reach the highest possible security level.
This way we protect you against possible forgeries of your documents, certificates, diplomas, deeds, admission tickets, COC documents, vouchers, membership cards, receipts, attestations, accompanying documents, original packaging etc.

It is very important to use this modified UV watermarking technology additionally in the packaging industry.
Think of the counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. In this case, counterfeit medicines can cause damage to health, which has unfortunately already occurred in the past. In addition, there are billions of dollars in material and financial damages worldwide every year. All this can be significantly reduced with our new innovative technology.
Damage prevention by means of fluorescent watermarks is particularly suitable for clubs, event organizers, soccer clubs, sports clubs, banks, lawyers, judicial authorities, police, public and state institutions, offices, insurance companies, ministries, tax authorities, tax offices, trustees, automobile manufacturers, administrations, law firms, registry offices, etc.
The simple, bright watermark is mostly ordered by companies of any size as well as by private individuals for image maintenance.

Paper with your own watermark for exclusive letterheads or secure documents

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How to make a custom watermark paper

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custom watermark paper

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